Member Site Help

The Seward Concert Band has another website to share information amongst members. This other website is run on Google Sites. Here are tips below for troubleshooting the most common issues accessing our member site:

Which Email Address Are You Using?

In order to access the Seward Concert Band member site, you need to log in using an email address that ends in If you don’t have one, request credentials for our site here:

Common Permission Issue

By far the most common problem people have is seeing a “You need permission” page when they click on the login screen:


Since our site is built on Google, you will see this if you have ever used another Google (Gmail) account in your browser. You have two options:

  1. Click the switch accounts button identified above. The instructions below will continue from this step.
  2. Use another browser. For instance, if you use Chrome to check your personal Gmail account, use Firefox for band functions.

After clicking the Switch Accounts button pointed out above, you’ll see the following screen:


Click Add Account, and then you’ll see:


Add the email address for our login site. If you do not know the login credentials for our site, use the form at the top of this page to request it. After pressing next, you’ll have the option to enter the password:


Enter the password and click Sign In. You will then be brought to the Seward Concert Band member site.

DO NOT click Forgot Password – this is disabled for our site. If you need credentials, use the form above.