Bringing Seward Concert Band into the Community

As a lifelong band geek, I find a lot of joy playing in the Seward Concert Band. We’re a low-key group that has a lot of talent, which means we get to play some really awesome music. From super traditional Gustav Holst suites to crazy modern Maslanka symphonies, we hit on a bit of everything the concert band repertoire has to offer. In learning all of this music, we exercise our minds and our fingers to become better musicians. On top of all of those wonderful qualities, we also get to hang out with some really cool people and eat tasty treats at break time. It’s really the best of all worlds. Continue reading Bringing Seward Concert Band into the Community

Support the Seward Concert Band this Holiday Season

While we are only a few months into our 41st season, the Seward Concert Band is already seeing it as a season of growth. Under the direction of Cassandra Bechard, we have expanded our mission, bringing our music into senior communities with each performance cycle. By providing live music to the community we are creating happiness for others, giving our members and audiences a chance to create bonds that can last a lifetime, and give others something to look forward to!

With the rising cost of music, storage rental fees, and equipment, it takes a lot to keep the organization thriving and to keep expanding our reach. This is where your help is needed.

Your financial support will make sure that the Seward Concert Band can continue providing quality live music to our community, and our board has created a funding match to make your support go even further this month.

The Seward Concert Band Board will match the first $1000 donated through December 31.

Help us reach our goal by donating today. Your donation may even be doubled, as the Seward Concert Band board has pledged to match the first $1000 in donations.

You will not only feel good about making sure the band is able to continue but you also are helping others get happiness by making sure the band continues to make beautiful music!

Thank you for your support! We truly could not do this without you!

Jordon Schram
Seward Concert Band
Board President