COVID Preparedness Statement

In order to ensure the safest possible environment for our members to rehearse and perform, adhere to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) & College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA), and National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) recommendations and guidelines of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), the board, musical director and our performers will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • When Community Levels are HIGH, we will suspend all rehearsals and concerts.
  • When Community Levels are MEDIUM, we will require that when not playing a wind instrument, members should wear masks. We will request that audience members wear masks at our concert venues.
  • When Community Levels are LOW, wearing masks is optional.

When community levels are rising, as indicated by the CDC COVID-19 by County resource, guidelines for each new level achieved should be put in place immediately. When community levels are falling, a new community level must be achieved for three consecutive weeks before following the guidelines for that level.

In addition, The board will:

  •  Confirm that our rehearsal venue will have enhanced ventilation. 
  • Make PPE available to our performers. 
  • Review and revise these protocols as the situation evolves and at every board meeting.

    We require our performers to:

    • Please not attend rehearsal if you are sick. 
    • Get a Covid-19 vaccine and any other vaccines deemed important by federal, state or local officials in controlling outbreaks of communicable disease. Be prepared to show proof of your vaccination status. 
    • Have a sanitary means of spit disposal using disposable pads or a towel only you will touch and keep sanitary. The board will have a supply of disposable pads for this purpose. 
    • Discontinue the tradition of our snack breaks during each rehearsal and the afterglow at the end of our performances until further notice. 
    • Notify your section leader or board member if you test positive for COVID-19 or any other communicable disease declared a pandemic or local epidemic. 
    • Upon exposure to anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19, follow all guidance from federal, state, local and district officials about quarantine procedures.

    In the event of non-compliance:

    • We will ask the non-compliant party not to attend any rehearsals or performances until they are able to adhere to these requirements.
    • Any refusal to disclose vaccination status will be considered a negative response.
    • Any refusal to adhere to protocols and/or vacate the premises will result in rehearsal being cancelled.

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