Calling Future Board Members

It’s that time of year again… time for elections to our Board of Directors! The Seward Concert Band needs the help of volunteers like you – yes, you – to keep going.

What’s it like to be on the board?

At the basic level, we meet once each month to discuss band matters. We’ve been meeting at 8:30 am on Saturday morning for several years, though meeting time is up for each corps of board members to decide.

While some positions have specific duties outlined in our bylaws, all board members take turns with tasks such as concert organization and communications. We sometimes form subcommittees to handle other projects such as music digitization, library maintenance, equipment inventory, updating policies, and other activities.

Serving on the board has been a lot of fun and as a brand new member of the band has helped me to get to know many individuals outside my section.

Evan, trumpet

Board members listen to our performers for input on how the group can make changes or improvements to keep rehearsal fun and exciting while attempting to satisfy everyone’s needs. We collaborate on issues that arise, working together to find solutions Challenges that the board may face include things like looking into new rehearsal and performance venues that better fit our growing size.

Being a board member has been a great learning experience on how to balance all the different personalities to best serve the band. As the band grows, the current board has made strides to ensure that the band remains financially stable, and easy to operate through technology.

Andrew, Trombone

A last key role of our board is to serve as our primary ambassadors to new performers, welcoming them in and helping them get connected to our community.

We hope you might be interested in serving with us for our next term, which will begin in August. Board terms run for two years, whether officer or at-large positions.

Eclectic Harmonies

Line art saxophones are to the side edges. Text reads: "Seward Concert Band Presents; Eclectic Harmonies; A performance promising to be a delightful fusion of melodies and styles; Friday, february 2 at 7:30pm

The Seward Concert Band is set to enthrall audiences with an enchanting evening of musical mastery with “Eclectic Harmonies”. With Dr. Cassandra Bechard, the band will present an eclectic and captivating repertoire, featuring works by renowned composers Erika Svanoe, Leonard Bernstein, Percy Aldridge Grainger, and more. The concert is scheduled to take place on Friday, February 2, 2023 at 7:30pm at Sanford Middle School at 3524 42nd Ave S in Minneapolis. Suggested donations are $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and $4 students and children.

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