Give to the Max!

We hope that you will support the Seward Concert Band on November 12, Give to the Max Day. The support from people like you allows us to expand our music library, bring in special performers, and reach more members of our community. Plus, even if you only donate a small amount, you put the band in the running to win a Golden Ticket and make your donation go further.

What’s a Golden Ticket you ask? Each hour of November 12, a lucky nonprofit will be awarded an extra $1,000 donation, and two will receive a Super Golden Ticket of $10,000.

Whether you need to pay member dues or if you want to make a donation to support our mission, please do so on Give to the Max Day for the chance to make an extra impact.

Please donate to the Seward Concert Band.

Pro Tip: Schedule Your Donation in Advance

Donations entered between November 1 and 11, will be processed on Give to the Max Day allowing you to check this item off your list easily and quickly. Schedule your donation today.

Share Your Support

You can make your donation go further by sharing it with your friends. Here are some sample posts that you can use on any social network:

  • Join me in supporting local music. Donate to the Seward Concert Band for #GTMD15
  • Think global, listen local. Just a $5 donation puts the Seward Concert Band in the running for a Golden Ticket! #GTMD15

Here’s an image that you can share on Facebook. Just right click (or Command click on a Mac), and select “Save image as” to save it to your computer.