Let’s Play Together Again!

Even though we can’t meet in person right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t play together. We’re going to do a virtual mash up of Syncopated Clock.

Things You Will Need

  • Sheet Music – Either view the music on a computer or print it and have it on a music stand. If you have not yet received music, please email inquiries@sewardconcertband.org to request your copy.
  • Tuner – whether you have a stand-alone tuner or even an app on your phone/computer, please make sure to tune carefully while you rehearse and before you record.
  • Metronome or Device (computer, iPad, phone) that can view a video of me (below) conducting with a metronome playing in the background.
  • Recording device (Phone, Computer with camera and microphone) 
  • Headphones

Virtual Rehearsal and Recording Instructions

  1. Tune
    • Whether you use a stand-alone tuner device, or just an app that can be downloaded to your phone or computer, be sure to carefully tune.
    • Tune at the beginning of rehearsal, and be sure to re-tune before recording your performance.
  2. Practice!
    • Do not just try and play it through one or two takes. The quality of our final product depends greatly on the quality of each individual product.
  3. Set up a quiet place to record yourself. 
  4. Plug your headphones into the metronome or device that is playing the conducting video with a steady beat.
    • It is important that you listen to the metronome through headphones so the metronome clicking does not get recorded with your audio. Set metronomes to 126 bpm.
  5. Start the recording.
    • Make sure your recording device is capturing video horizontally (landscape mode – sideways, not upright) and make sure you are in the center of the video, not too close, but not too far away.
    • Record the whole piece starting at the beginning and counting through your rests. 
  6. Review the recording
    • Make certain it is of the quality that you want to submit. 

Uploading Your Video(s)

When you have your recording all complete, then all that’s left is to share it with us. Email us at inquiries@sewardconcertband.org for information about upload location. (Sorry, to prevent spam, we are not publishing the link publically here, but we will email you with easy options.)

Have Fun!

We’re very excited to try out our first virtual rehearsal and performance with all of you.

We hope everyone takes some time to practice this and get a good video to share. Please upload your video by Saturday, October 31, or email inquiries@sewardconcertband.org if you would like additional time. Please also reach out if you have any questions as you work through this music or the upload process.