Tick Tock, Tock Tock

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

We’re far from the first to say that 2020 was an unprecedented year, and we’re definitely not the only ones hoping the year changing to 2021 represents much more than a simple flip of a calendar page.

In recent months, we have had to learn a great number of new things and learn new ways to work together and support each other while having to stay physically distant. We hope you enjoy our virtual performance of Leroy Anderson’s “Syncopated Clock” as much as we enjoyed working together to create it.

We at the Seward Concert Band miss our fellow musicians and our audience very deeply and we’re counting the beats until we can safely play together in-person again. Until that day arrives, we hope to continue finding ways to connect to each other remotely.

Support the Seward Concert Band

The Seward Concert Band is relatively lucky as far as arts organizations go. As a small, community band, we have relatively low expenses and we have been able to hold on decently through the pandemic so far. However, we understand that we aren’t fully out of the woods yet. Please consider making a donation today to support the Seward Concert Band to help us be sure we can get up and running quickly when it is safe to resume rehearsals. You can make a donation below, or please go here to pay member dues for this year.

Thank you to all of you, and please stay healthy in 2021 and beyond.